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Studying at the Arabic School

Our task is to provide people with truly affordable and high-quality online education in the study of the Arabic language, comparable to the best schools in the world, the program of which was compiled by the best specialists.


Study subjects with a specialist and a native speaker of Arabic.


The ability to choose an absolutely convenient training schedule, adjusting it for your work, study, vacation, etc.


Materials can be studied both online and offline. All lessons can be downloaded and printed as desired, as well as viewed and listened whenever you wish.

How is the training?

1. Step system

Our program provides a 2-step system, namely the study of subjects with Russian-speaking specialists and the study of subjects with native speakers of the Arabic language.

2. Separate floor

We study separately for men and separately for women. There are teachers both male and female.

3. Where is the training?

Education is online, in the ZOOM program one academic hour (50 minutes for adults and 40 minutes for children). It also records these lessons, which are then laid out in a closed group for students in telegrams, so that you can return to the lesson if necessary. Thus, if you even missed the lesson, you can always, at any time, look at it in the notes and ask the necessary questions in a personal teacher.

4. Bonus

From the first day of training, you have access to a special online community where you can talk on any topics with a native Arabic language through text, audio and video, thereby you can improve your pronunciation and practice speaking everyday!

5. Creating your own site

Right now, we are developing our own platform in the form of a closed site, this is a kind of a separate ecosystem, where all of our training will continue there. There will be no need to sit in a telegram or ZOOM. There will also be a system of online testing, homework checks, regular webinars and much more.


Documents you receive after your studies

Upon graduation, you are assigned a specialty in which you have studied, namely: Hafiz Koran, Arabic teacher, Arabic translator, Tajwid teacher. Moreover, you are handed the following package of documents in three languages (Russian, Arabic, English): ijaz, certificate, certificate, diploma.

Our teachers


Abdullah Ibn Ishaq


Direction: Mahraj (working on pronunciation)

AGIMS 2010 - 2015 Philology / Philologist.

Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasah 2008-2010.

RIU - from 2016 to the present on the 3rd course.


Rafis Gibadullin Maulitovich


Direction: Lightweight Sarf, Clear Grammar.

He studied at Al-Azhar University (preparatory courses), Cairo. Egypt (1994-1997).

He graduated from the Institute. Sheikh Badruddin al-Hasani, Damascus. Syria (2000-2006).

For six years he taught various Sharia disciplines in the Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasa named after R. Fahretdina (2006-2012).

He is a translator of a number of books, also conducted a canonical edition of many books.


Minsabirov Niyaz Usmanovich


Direction: Children's program

Kukmorsky Madrasah 1996-1999.

Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasah 2001-2004.

Al-Azhar University Cairo. Egypt 2004-2006.

RIU - from 2016 to the present on the 3rd course.

Arabic Learning Center in Cairo. Egypt 2005-2006.

In addition, he was a teacher in the Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasa 2007-2016 and is also the Imam Khatyb of the mosque in Almetyevsk from 2007 to the present.


Ali Yaushev Galeevich


Direction: Arabic

He studied at the “Kasim Pasha Kuran Course” in Istanbul. Turkey 1996-2001 and is also Hafiz Koran.

From 2008 to 2016 he taught at the Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasa.


Ishmurat Khaibullin Nazirovich


Direction: Tajweed

He studied at Al-Azhar for eight years, graduating from the Faculty of Education of the Arabic language.

Author of several books on the Arabic language, namely, "grammar of the Arabic language", "stylistics of the Arabic language" and "how to speak Arabic."


Moflyukhunov Gumer Nurullovich


Direction: Children's program

He is a graduate and a teacher in Philology, Theology and Arabic.

From 2006 to 2014 he was a teacher in the Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasa.

From 2006 to the present, he is Imam Khatyb in Almetyevsk.


Mubarakshin Rais Ravilevich


Direction: Intensive tajvid

1998-2000 Islamic Madrasa of Kazan.

2000/2006 graduated with honors from the institute of Shariah named after Sheikh Badruddin al-Hasaniy in the city of Damascus (Syria).

Also in Damascus, 2006/2007 he graduated from a two-year course of Arabic for foreigners.

In Kazan, in 2009 he graduated from the Russian Islamic University.


Bolotbiev Aslan Khasanovich


Direction: Arabic, Reading, Tadribat

He studied at Al-Azhar University from 2004 to 2010, where he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Islamic and Civil Law.

From 2004 to 2005, he graduated from Arabic language courses (Nile Arabic Language Learning Center) under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Egypt.

He worked as an Arabic teacher in the Ufa Islamic College. Maryam Sultanova.


Husam Musleh



2009-2015 - Tula State Pedagogical University.
Specialty: “Translation and Translation Studies” (linguist-translator)

2015-2018 - studied at the PFUR in graduate school.
Specialty: Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics.

Experience and professional skills:
He worked as an interpreter in court. During my studies I also helped to teach Russian to foreign students (Arabic), I have been working as a tutor for Arabic for a long time, and Russian for new Arab students.

From January 2016 to the present I work as a teacher of Arabic, English languages at the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship RUDN.

Personal achievements:
Participated in various conferences related to the Arabic language, and languages in general. Took 5th place in the All-Russian Olympiad in the Russian language.

Publications: In Russian magazines (HAC)
1. Musleh Hussam A.R. Features of the political discourse in the English language // Advances in modern science and education. 2016. - №9. V. 4. - S. 75 -78.

2. Musleh Hussam A.R. Stylistic means of influence in the Russian political discourse (based on the speeches of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S. V. Lavrov) // News of the Voronezh State University. 2017. No. 4 (277). Pp. 189 -192.

3. Musleh Hussam A.R. The strategy of persuasion in the speeches of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat // Political linguistics. 2018. - № 1. - p. 87-97.

4. Kobylko J., Musleh Hussam A.R. The strategy of persuasion that forms the semantic meanings of political terminology // Philological sciences. Questions of theory and practice (ISSN 1997-2911) - № 6. - part 2/2018. - p. 84-90.

5. Musleh Hussam A.R. Stylistic means as a means of influence in the Russian-language political discourse // Science in the modern information society. 2018. - p. 145-154.

Publications in Arab magazines:
6. نظام الجملة ي اللغتين العربية والانجليزية.
  (The system offers in Arabic and English)

7. اللسانيات ي المفهوم الغربي والعربي.
(Linguistics in Arabic and Western terms)


Asym Shauky Abdulmadzhid Hussein


Direction: Arabic language and correct reading.

He has been teaching Arabic and other disciplines at al-Azhar University in Cairo for over twelve years. Egypt (present).

He graduated with honors from the University of Al-Azhar Cairo. Egypt (2005-2010).

He also graduated with honors from the Academy "Zad Akademy" Cairo. Egypt (in 2017).


Nasim Jazair


Direction: Practice of Speech, Letter

Lead teacher at ARABIC SCHOOL.

He studied at the "Darul Hadith".


Ahmed Galil Muhammadmurad


Direction: Tahfiz

He studied at the University of Al-Azhar for 8 years at the faculty of the Koran and graduated with honors.

Hafiz Quran. He has Ijazu on 10 kyroats.

Currently studying at the University in the faculty of Koran studies and reading in various ways.

From 2003 to the present, he is Imam Khatyb in the Cathedral Mosque of Usman Ibn Affan in the city of Egypt - he has spent all Tarawih prayers for 15 years.




Direction: Arabic

He graduated with honors from Al-Azhar and magistracy.

Teaching experience about 10 years.


Mohamed Fuad Ibrahim Mohamed Saad


Direction: Arabic

He graduated from the Dar Al Ulyum faculty in the Department of Arab Studies and Islamic Sciences in Cairo (2002).

He received a bachelor's degree at the faculty of public education at the University of Zagaziga in 2003.

He graduated from undergraduate degree at the Higher Institute of Islamic Studies in 2010.

To study in the magistracy in literature and the Arabic language at the moment.

Experience teaching about 20 years.


Wail Shauki Abdul Majid Hussein



Good command of foreign language, English, acceptable Turkish, basic French.

1) Fluency in literary Arabic language in speech and teaching.
2) Development of educational programs and a guide for the training of teachers in the Arabic language for non-Arabic.
4) Understanding of work with all students of different nationalities.

Current work:
Lecturer at the University of Marmara, religious faculty (Al-Ilahiiyat).

Teaching experience over 23 years.


Zaynab Abdulfattah Muhammad


Direction: Practice of speech, Arabic

She graduated with honors from the Al-Azhar University in the faculty of Arabic.

It has Ijaz according to Rivayat Hafs.

More than 10 years engaged in teaching for foreigners.


Lobna Rajab Muhammad Sevilyan


Direction: Tahfiz

He studies at Al-Azhar in the faculty of the Koran.

Hafiz Quran. There is Idzhazu on 10 kyroatov.

Teaching experience over 10 years.


Koytemirova Malikat Magomedkamilovna


Direction: Reading, Tadribat

She graduated from Al-Azhar and entered the same magistracy.

She completed her studies at the “Center for the Education and Training of Quran and Sunna Teachers” in Medina. KSA.

She taught at the madrasa and at the Etiquette Islamic School in Makhachkala, as well as in Khasavyurt.


Gulia Gimazetdinova


Direction: Arabic

He has been teaching Arabic since 1997 to this day.

She studied at the Institute of Practical Oriental Studies.

She studied at RIU. She lived and worked in the UAE.

She studied at the Almetyevsk Islamic Madrasa from 2005 to 2009.


Shakirova Nalya Mansurovna


Direction: Arabic, Tajwid

1995 - study in Syria at the Abu Nur ma’had, Damascus, finished the first course.

1998-2000 studied in the language ma’hadah in Kullie Tarbiya lilbanat of the city of Riyadh KSA.

2005-2007 Pedagogical College of Moscow with a degree in pre-school pedagogy.

2007-2009 (one and a half years) tachfiz in the Emirates, in Ummul-Quwain.

2012-2014 RIU Kazan, faculty of linguistics.

2015-2016 tashih quran online.

2014 online classes in Ajrumiya and Tasrif.

2014 to the present ICT, in the fifth semester.

She lived in the Emirates for a total of 6 years. I have been teaching since 1997.

Author of the book "Alif in the country of Alifba" and the manual "Mumtaz"


Zulfiya Mavletevna Mazitova



2013 - 2016 Higher Diploma in Islamic Finance.
Kuwait State University. Graduate School. Kuwait (average score 90%)

2007 - 2012 Master of Arts in Islamic Law.
Kuwait State University, Graduate School. Kuwait (average score 91%)

2000 - 2007 Bachelor in Islamic Law.
Kuwait State University. Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, specialty comparative jurisprudence and its sources, Kuwait (average score 91%)

1993 - 1999 Religious high school, secondary school. Kuwait (average score 89%)

February 2015 - May 2016, the embassy of the Russian Federation in the State of Kuwait.
Arabic teacher to Russian diplomatic staff.

February 2008 - September 2016, Islamic Cultural Center, Ministry of Vakuf of Kuwait.
A teacher of Islamic sciences and Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

September 1999 - February 2000, Moscow Islamic College "Rasoul Akram".
The teacher of Islamic sciences.

Languages: Russian, Arabic, English, Tatar.


Nazhmudinova Amina Magomedovna



1994-2003 Madrasa s.Tloh

1994-2003 Secondary School in the village of Tlokh / RD
(average score 95%)

2003-2005 Islamic School of ABU - Annur / Syria Damascus
(average bapp98%) parallel evening school s.Tloh (average score 90%)

2005-2010 Damascus State University.
Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Sciences (average score 88%)

2010-2012 Master of Arts in Islamic Law and Comparative Law.
Sudanese State Islamic University Um Addurman.
(average score of 95% excellent)

2010—2013 Ijaz according to the Qur'an according to the Rivayat "Hafs"

HAFIZ KORAN by ijaz Sheikh Chetz Muhammad Taha Sukkariy from Damascus ramatulpagi apayh.

2015—2018 Russia RD Botlikh District s.Tloh founder and founder of the Hifzu School of the Koran and the Arabic language

2015—2018 teacher of Sharia law and grammar


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